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Adelle explains that his engagement has been flagged as a moderate risk to the Active, and, as such, the company requires a small, additional fee -- and by small, she means rather big.Adelle adds, "Just make sure you return her, safe and sound.Meanwhile, the stalker van is in the woods, with Boyd inside monitoring Echo's vitals.Boyd is concerned with her heightened adrenalin levels. Topher was actually looking for Abracadabra, but he'll do it anyway, because he loves Boyd, with "Deep, deep, man love." I like sardonic Topher.Matt Lanter Star-Crossed interview at Comic Con 2,013!

Scared Actives are being ushered into their sleeping pods; they don't seem to understand what is happening. But all Actives get wiped after every engagement, Lawrence argues, so how could he composite? Unfortunately, the rest of the episode doesn't quite live up to the action, suspense and punchy-dialogue of the first few minutes.

He gets up, gets dressed and says, "You need to get going". And then she's full-scale freaked out as he picks up his bow and arrow. He's considerate enough to give her a five-minute head start before he comes after her. It's Boyd's first day and Adelle welcomes him -- while people are still cleaning up the blood stains. AS an ex-cop, he's been hired to be Echo's Handler; his predecessor was killed by Alpha.

He explains that there is enough daylight for her to make it to the main road, enough time to even hitch a ride before he catches up. Scar-faced Dr Saunders also helpfully points out that Boyd is currently standing in his predecessor. When viewing one of the dead bodies, Boyd sees that the cuts made were precise, surgical and positioned to cause the most pain, and that whoever did it took their time. All he knows is that Alpha accessed multiple imprints that should have been erased. Later, Lubov is driving his car when Paul calls to threaten him some more about the Dollhouse.

The security team, with Lawrence in front, rush past more blood-stained carpets, more dead people and more pools of blood, all in ominous slow motion.

And then, once an Active's engagement is completed, all memory is wiped clean.

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