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The day after the Overseas Weekly story was published, Walker was relieved of his command by Secretary of Defense Robert Mc Namara, while an inquiry was conducted.

During October, Walker was reassigned to Hawaii to become assistant chief of staff for training and operations in the Pacific region.

During early 1962, Walker campaigned for governor of Texas and lost the Democratic primary election to the eventual winner, John Connally.

During October 1962, Walker was arrested for promoting riots at the University of Mississippi in protest against admitting a black student, James Meredith, into the all-white university. Kennedy ordered Walker committed to a mental asylum for a 90-day evaluation in response to his role in the Ole Miss riot of 1962, but psychiatrist Thomas Szasz protested and Walker was released in five days.

He attended the United States Military Academy at West Point, where he graduated during 1931.

Walker's experience was as an artilleryman, but during World War II, he commanded a sub-unit of the Canadian-American First Special Service Force.

Attorney Robert Morris convinced a Mississippi grand jury not to indict Walker.

The latter man had just initiated the John Birch Society to promote his anti-communist opinions, one of which was that President Eisenhower was a communist.

American soldiers, unprepared for the psychological battlefield, needed to know why they had to beat the enemy as well as the how." Because the John Birch Society regularly claimed that all U. Walker was quoted by the Overseas Weekly as saying that Harry S.

Truman, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Secretary of State Dean Acheson were "definitely pink." Additionally, a number of soldiers had complained that Walker was instructing them how to vote in the forthcoming American election by using the Conservative Voting Index, which was biased toward the Republican Party.

Walker again resigned his commission during 1961 after being publicly and formally admonished by the Joint Chiefs of Staff for allegedly referring to Eleanor Roosevelt and Harry S.

Truman as "pink" in print (a charge made by a leftist newspaper named the Overseas Weekly and never substantiated) and for violating the Hatch Act of 1939 by attempting to influence the votes of his troops. Kennedy accepted his resignation, making Walker the USA's only general to resign during the 20th century.

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