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He wore a dark blazer and a button-down shirt with blue stripes.He was middle-aged and handsome in an old-fashioned way, with tanned skin and thick hair parted on the right. Eben Alexander was presented as more qualified to answer this question than all of them.She looked into the camera and then looked up toward the studio ceiling and rocked slightly forward."As people are grappling with the horrible nature of this tragedy," she said, her voice cracking, her lower lip trembling, "will these children forget, when they are in heaven, what happened to them? One imagines the host of a national news program would feel comfortable posing this question to only a very few guests. "But they will not feel the pain." His voice was southern and smooth, soft and warm.The shots of the studio and of the satellite feed faded away, and a heartbreaking tableau faded in, a grid of photographs.This point of view has been massively profitable for Dr. Eben Alexander looks less like a messenger from heaven and more like a true son of America, a country where men have always found ways to escape the rubble of their old lives through audacious acts of reinvention.Eben Alexander, has spawned not just a book sold in thirty-five countries around the globe but a whole cascade of ancillary products, including a forthcoming major motion picture from Universal. By the end of our interview, there's a note of unease in Alexander's voice.The banner below the video feeds read, HOPE IS NOT LOST: NEUROSURGEON SAYS HEAVEN IS REAL."Dr. His authority on heaven hadn't come from prayer or contemplation or a vote taken at some conclave. And although a lot of people might make similar claims concerning visits to heaven and the receipt of personal revelations from God and be roundly dismissed, Dr. He was, as the Fox News Web site declared, a "renowned neurosurgeon." A man of science at the summit of the secular world.Alexander," Carlson said, "if people don't know your story, you, you were ill, you were in a coma, you left this earth for a week, you were in heaven, and then you wrote about your experiences there, and you were told that you were supposed to come back to the earth."She paused. And when he answered the unusual question, he did so without hesitation, without hedging, and with the same fluency and authority he might exhibit when comforting a patient about an upcoming operation."Well, they will know what happened," Alexander said, and a hint of sadness swirled in his own eyes for a moment.

"It might not show, but I should be learning from it all. We talk about his past life and his present one, and about the strange voyage that divided the two.Fourteen children, each just six or seven years old, each smiling, each now, the viewer knew, dead. "They will feel the love and cherishing of their being back there.And they will know that they have changed this world."Now the views of the studio and of Dr.All three hosts looked sad, but the woman, Gretchen Carlson, looked the saddest.The shot of the three hosts occupied most of the right three quarters of the screen.

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