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Shaggy convinces the gang to put their differences aside and finally work together to save Scooby.

They form a plan but it fails and Scooby’s soul is extracted.

If you have a credit card (VISA, Discover, JCB) or if you can pay by online check (only US customers), you can use our traditional safe and secure payment provider!Velma discovers that the demons are destroyed in sunlight just like vampires, while Daphne and Fred’s souls end up in the wrong bodies.Shaggy steals the Daemon Ritus and reunites with the gang except Scooby after their souls correct themselves.Fred Jones (Freddie Prinze, Jr.) is accused of taking credit for Velma Dinkley’s (Linda Cardellini) ideas, and Daphne states that she is tired of always getting kidnapped.The gang disbands, and Shaggy and Scooby drive off in the Mystery Machine in sadness.

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(She’s All That) Sarah Michelle Gellar (Ringer) Matthew Lillard (Scream) Linda Cardellini (New Girl) Rowan Atkinson (Johnny english) Isla Fisher (Grimsby) J. Manoux (Birds of Prey) Andrew Bryniarski (Batman Returns) Frank Welker (Transformers) Sandra Mc Coy (Power Rangers Wild Force) Michala Banas (Winners & Losers) Pamela Anderson (Baywatch) n a factory, the Mystery, Inc.

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