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Remarkableocean research shows us that certain whale and seal species are reaching new depths and breaking records by diving so far away from the surface that experts are shocked that they can even survive the pressure.

Some animals like the Cuvier’s beaked whales can dive almost 10,000 feet and hold their breath for 138 minutes.

Davis suggests that animals deep dive to get the best payout in terms of food and that they are not enduring the momentous undersea pressure for fun.

Could over-catching from the fish industry and environmental changes be the cause of animals having to work harder to find food?

One wore pink high heels while the other wore trainers.

The footage is proving popular with viewers online. Mr Makovskiy's stunt has since inspired nearly 20 copycat clips. Weddell seals, sperm whales and elephant seals have evolved their abilities to dive deeper and hold their breath longer, as well.In fact, the elephant seal can now hold itsbreath underwater for two hours.With these extraordinary adaptation skills also comes a health risk for these sea plunging creatures.Researchers have found that Weddell seals and bottlenose dolphins are developing heart arrhythmia conditions due to this deep diving.

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