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Tell your partner about all the people you’re sleeping with, and your partner should do the same.And if some sexual partner of your partner bothers you, voice your thoughts.What works for one person may not work for another.

An open relationship is not a hall pass to fall in love with other people when you’re already committed in a relationship. Falling in love with someone else because you’re sexually infatuated by them will only complicate things further. Remember, it’s easy for a girl to get attention when she wants it.

If you’re still convinced that you’re ready for an open relationship, here’s a good rule to start off with.

Always try to look for partners who aren’t involved with your life in any way beyond sex. Make it seem like you’ve having an affair to the person you’re sleeping with, but let your partner know the real truth.

15 important open relationship rules that matter #1 Be prepared.

When both of you have been in a relationship for a while, the prospect of having sex outside the relationship could seem like a heady rush. If you jump into an open relationship when one of you isn’t prepared, your relationship could only lead to a breakup. Party with your own friends one night and hook up with someone fancy.

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If you go wrong somewhere, your mistakes could affect your partner’s life. So what’s cheating and what’s not in an open relationship according to you? Talk frankly with each other and discuss every detail until both of you are satisfied with each other’s answers.

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