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No worries, check out Billboard.com's gallery covering the hookups, breakups and everything in between going on right now.After Kanye popped the question to his baby mama Kim Kardashian by renting out San Francisco’s AT&T Park and bringing along a 50-piece orchestra October 21, Kanye and Kim went even more lavish for their May 24, 2014 wedding in Florence, Italy at Fort di Belvedere, a 16th century fortress!My walls were up really high and I was on my guard.Then this fairy-tale picture of what my life could have been was set on fire. He’s an extremely talented musician and a decent guy who keeps his business out of the tabloids.He’s not hanging out at clubs, getting DUIs or sticking his foot in his mouth all the time so we don’t talk about him much.

“I started writing songs from a place that was so deep and honest, where I didn’t hold anything back,” she says. I was like, ‘This is what music is about — being able to release what is trapped inside of you.’ Whenever anything ached or caused me pain, I’d tell myself, ‘Save it for the record.’”With an artistry that lies in her finely etched lyrical details and intimate vocal performances, Prettyman spares no one, including herself, on songs like “Say Anything,” “I Was Gonna Marry You,” “Come Clean,” “Glass Jar,” and “Never Say Never,” which ends a heartbreaking spoken-word outro: “You can’t start a fire in the pouring rain.”Prettyman wrote several of the songs with Dave Hodges, whom she first met the morning after a particularly emotional night.“The good news is that no matter what— ” he paused and glanced to the side—”I’m looking over here, because I think my publicist is freaking out.” [From The Daily Beast via Popeater] Some of that stuff can sound a little pretentious, but when you watch the video of Mraz saying it, you can tell that’s just how he talks.It’s sad when you split up with someone you were hoping to spend the rest of your life with, but better now than after you’re married and have to go through the headache of getting a divorce.I’d never spoken out before about the way it really was, but I found myself saying ‘Screw it, I’m going to tell the whole story.’”As intense as some of the songs may be, the mood is tempered not only by playful, lighthearted tunes like first single “My Oh My” (“about someone still having their hand on you and you playing that game with them because it’s fun, even though you know it’s not good for you and it’s going to backfire”), “The Rebound,” “Quit You,” and the sexy, smoldering “Bad Drug,” but also by the album’s warm, earthy sound, which Prettyman created with her producer Greg Wells (Adele, Katy Perry), who plays piano, bass, drums, and some guitar on the album.“Greg told me he was not going to hold my hand through this; I had to convince him I wanted it,” she says.

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Life went from all these obligations to eating good food, meeting amazing people, and flowing with the wind.

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