Jamayka and dating

So much I could say here but I won’t repeat it because of my respect for my half brother. It wasn’t until I got old enough to watch “Maury” that I realized that folks actually went to “parties” where guys (with the woman’s consent…without consent this is called gang rape) lined up to bust in, on, and around the one woman all his homies just fucked. What’s even more bizarre is some guys won’t use condoms here…hence the cameo on Maury! If just one person has a sexually transmitted disease at that “party”…you all now have it!

Anyways…my comments kind of stopped Papa Michaels in his tracks. I tend to think that men make us women crazy but even I can admit that some of us don’t have our heads screwed on too tight. They lose their minds for it…without thinking about the mental state behind the body.

🤣🙌🏽 Since it’s the start of Love Week, I figured I would write something for some of these misguided young men that may share Papa Michaels’ sentiments. It is one of the few living breathing things where the head leads but that just happens to be the dumbest part of it.🙌🏽 Hence the concept of smashing an ugly chick at night. 😩 Just because a woman is beautiful doesn’t mean your dick should find her vagina. Some guys end up on an episode of “Snapped” because they let penis lead them astray.

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