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The symbolism and allegories to biblical times, Marvel comics, the second World War, the Antichrist, divine spiritual enlightenment, and the Kool Aid man are so poignant, clever, and surprising.

I cried during the final scene, and I will not spoil it for you, but the ending is touching and also strangely comedic.

If you wear them, try to find a high-quality pair/brand that works with your specific skin tone. In my opinion, wearing pantyhose with a casual sundress and sandals may look a little awkward.

Wearing pantyhose to a business casual office might seem like overkill.

I’m a bit unsure about legwear – not tights, but stockings.

I could’ve sworn I’ve written about this topic before, but can’t find any posts that specifically address the question of pantyhose. As you may have heard, the Middleton ladies wear them frequently, and both are current style icons.This cinematic masterpiece, which apparently took 5 years to shoot, is an emotional joyride from start to finish.I experienced a sense of existential wonder as I watched this film, and I began to question the whole reality that I live in.What you need are stay-ups: thigh-high hosiery that is held up by faith in gravity, plenty of elastic, and—in the olden days—a garter belt.(Yes, we’re really getting that camp; but hey, what’s date night about if not having a little fun? Well, these aren’t your maiden aunt’s flesh-tone hose—stay-ups are a somewhat cheeky, unabashedly retro nod to a heavily fetishized conceptualization of female sexuality.

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And nowadays women do bare legs in summer, tights in winter, and hose only for very specific occasions.

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