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We’ve been thinking about ways to enhance our community, and someone suggested a more private online space where Tres Columnae subscribers and supporters could interact with each other. As I was writing yesterday’s post, I re-read a number of things I’ve written, here and elsewhere, about the uses and abuses of translation in our field.

That got me thinking about the different things that the word “translation” can mean.

For one thing, Caelius and Vipsania have agreed (or at least he’s decided to accept her complaints) about certain features of the house: nōnne vīlis et parva est ista vīlla? nōnne antīquae turpēsque pictūrae, quās pictor patrī meō in mūrīs multōs ante annōs pīnxit? Obviously they want novae et pulchrae pictūrae, and novae won’t be hard, but what exactly constitutes pulchrae in this context? Yesterday was an exciting day for the Tres Columnae Project, and today looks like it will be full of adventures, too.

That principle of small steps with plenty of practice is definitely operative when it comes to passives.

and, as we’ll see, he might not be all that eager to listen in any case. nōnne iussū avī meī servī hanc vīllam exstrūxērunt. That led to an interesting exchange about the mechanics of teaching such structures.

See what you think of today’s featured story, which you can now find here on the Version Alpha Wiki site if you’d like: Caelius cum architectō Frontōne per tōtam vīllam ambulat. “sine dubiō,” sēcum colloquitur, “iste Caelius avārissimus est! Two items, in particular, stood out for me: Of course, translation is such a hot-button issue for so many Latin teachers!

Evidently they knew about the problem and were working on it – but they never told me.

Earlier this year, I’d gone through a similar issue involving bad service by a professional firm I had used for years; that one seems to have ended much more happily, but it required a direct appeal to one of the managing partners, an appeal that many people probably wouldn’t have bothered to make. check out this remarkable blog post at Education Week, by a master music teacher in Michigan!

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