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Ad copy for Loot Crate, a subscription service that sends a box of popular-IP-branded goodies to your door every month, begins with "Are you a nerd, geek, or gamer?" What they should really be asking is "Are you a male, ages 18-40, with disposable income?

nerds--and not just the people reading these words on a video game website.It’s fairly common for female writers and illustrators to abandon the strictures and world-building of fantasy to tell more straightforward stories in comic publishing today.Of course, Allison Bechdel’s , a New York Times notable book that tackles the hurdles of online dating as an adult.By shifting the blame from the people themselves to the market forces that drive them, Pegg--whose autobiography is titled --really highlights the insidious nature of "nerd." There's nothing wrong with escapism, of course, but anything branded with this descriptor is typically designed to placate and pacify, rather than challenge.This wouldn't be an issue if the whole "nerd" identity--as with "gamer"--wasn't constantly reinforced by marketing.

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"It makes it difficult for us to see them as human, they become bigger than anything.

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