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This can mean that what should take a matter of 1 to 3 seconds, often takes a lot longer.

The With statement utilized in the following example tells Excel to apply all the formatting changes at one time: Getting into the habit of chunking actions into With statements will not only keep your macros running faster but also make it easier to read your macro code.

That is to say, your macros will run much faster if they do not have to repeatedly interact with the worksheet.

For instance, the following simple code forces VBA to continuously return to Sheets(“Sheet1”).

It also means that we cannot tell the macro recorder to not record our steps of selecting cells, sheets and scrolling around, even though the selecting of cells, sheets and scrolling is not needed in true VBA code.

As a result, of all this selecting and scrolling, the screen flickers whenever your recorded macro is played back. Screen Updating Those that are familiar with VBA code may also be aware of the term Application. Unfortunately those that really need to know about this term (those that can only record macros) are often not aware of it.

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