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One job, led to another and next thing I know I’m hosting the NFL Draft in New York for CBS Sports alongside Pete Prisco, Will Brinson and Bruce Feldman. P.: I used to cover the majors for Sports Illustrated, and it eventually beat me down. no longer wanted to hear Roger Clemens or Derek Jeter or David Ortiz talk about tomorrow’s pitcher and that big homer against Toronto. It’s now become a pass happy league with the running game taking a back seat, but then you also have more athletic quarterbacks and more players wanting to be the next Vick or Newton of the league. P.: Along the lines of my first two questions, I’ve always thought the road to respectability for women sports reporters is a rough one. Because lunkhead men will assume you know nothing about sports. Believe it or not, I wasn’t very attractive in middle school and high school.I was a complete nerd and the kids at school let me know it. If you don’t have that as a female, you will not survive in this industry.Secondly, fans, my brother in particular, want to look at something attractive on the TV.I’ve heard men say about other reporters before, “Ohh, well at least she looks good. M.: I have loved sports since I came out of the womb (too graphic?! Every holiday for my family revolves around sports.Guys have taken my microphone before, asked me for my number, made hoots and hollers… But if you take your job seriously and force them to treat you with respect, they will.

I was part of Eagle Eye TV at Auburn and there were only men covering sports when I first arrived. I just constantly remind myself if I wasn’t getting paid to do this for a living this is what I would be doing every day anyways!On the one hand, if you know sports, you know sports—gender be damned. Lindsay Mc Cormick (who has insisted repeatedly that the Sanchez stuff was nonsense) also happens to be intelligent and talented; hard-working and devoted to sports media.On the other hand, “young and pretty” (for a woman) is often immediately interpreted (in the sports world) as, well, “dumb and ambitious.” Especially when “young and pretty” is given the sassy treatment by Esquire Magazine and “young and pretty” is rumored to be involved with Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez. Her goal, from a young age, was to be a sports reporter, and she’s accomplished that.I get crap all the time from athletes in the locker room, even the security at the door of the locker room has made sexist comments to me, but you don’t see me running to Good Morning America and crying that I was harassed in the locker room.My advice to women: Cover yourself up before you go in a facility with young men, focus on getting your interview (You only have several minutes to get all the content you need before they rush out the door for the plane anyways) and dish it back.

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