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In 1685 a French ship stopped briefly at the Cape so that Father Guy Tachard could set up a small temporary observatory.

He and his assistants discovered that most of the stars shown on their charts of the extreme southern sky did not exist at the marked positions, while many others were omitted altogether.

Most possible sites were plagued by sand and dust storms or local ‘tablecloth’ clouds, and finding a site took nearly a year.

The better part of three more years went by as the Admiralty Office mislaid and redrew the plans, and the ground selected turned out to be claimed by several different local inhabitants, each of whom had to be paid off to avoid lawsuits.

There were no dust storms because the building site was between the swampy areas created by the Liesbeek and the Black River, on a barren rocky mound crossed by cattle trails – and justly known as Snake Hill.

Fallows saw ninety snakes killed by his digging crew in a single day.

He also estimated (from observations of Jupiter’s moons) that Cape Town was nearly 300 km west of its position on his maps of the Earth.

Moving one of the large stones needed for the instrument peers at the Royal Observatory.Not until 1829 could the main instruments be used for ‘the improvement of practical astronomy and navigation’ so that the work of the Royal Greenwich Observatory in the north could be complemented by the efforts of His Majesty’s Astronomer at the Cape of Good Hope.But the construction was solid, thanks to Fallows and Skirrow (the Admiralty’s seconded clerk of works). What would you think if on putting out your candle to step into bed, you were to find one lurking beside the Bed?When a contractor was finally found in 1825, the building was somewhat hampered because ‘we had only two or three stone Masons in the Colony’, while the less skilled labourers were ‘the most idle and unprincipled set of men I ever witnessed’.Ten soldiers had to guard the site so that tools and materials didn’t disappear every night.

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