Dating database affiliate or partnership programs

As our affiliate partner, you can choose from a range of Anastasia’s Affiliate Programs that deliver regular income when you generate conversions, registrations and sales on our sites.

roll up Anastasia’s Family of Sites comprises the international dating brands Anastasia Date, Asian Beauties, Amo Latina, and Africa Beauties.

On this page you find useful information for making money with dating sites: Commissions: In the dating market there are two dominant forms of affiliate compensation: CPL (Cost Per Lead) and CPO (Cost Per Order or Sale).

With the CPL model you earn money for every signup of a new member and with the CPO model you get a commission if a referred member makes a sale (= paid membership).

Our network focuses exclusively on dating websites.

Please note: You cannot earn commissions on your own purchases.

Our affiliate platform pays out commissions every month.

Our team members want to help you earn the most money possible with our high paying affiliate programs.

We have developed a powerful suite of marketing tools to help you leverage web traffic more effectively and craft a targeted approach to monetized outreach. group of websites; we specialize in international matchmaking and marriage.

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