Dating book for black women who

Relationships fail because women forget that they should be at the center of the universe.

So I decided to address it not by calling smart women dumb, but by offering real solutions.Sure the dudes who you don’t find attractive will trick Struggle Bees 2 for money on you, but why is the guy you really want to be with only offering “.” Telling you to come through to chill is all the respect he has for you, and clearly it’s all the respect you have for yourself when you accept that offer to come over and chill instead of being a fucking Spartan who says, “!” No matter if a girl is a Millennial in her early twenties or a mother in her early 30’s, the mindset has become the same, wait for a man to offer to take you out, if he doesn’t offer to take you out, just be happy that he wants to see you. The defensive Basicas will chime in with lies about how they don’t like to talk on the phone, how they don’t need to go out, how they don’t mind meeting a man half-way.This is pathetic and females who used to be so powerful are now at the mercy of men who don’t think their pussy is even worth a real time investment. The truth is these women don’t even know the first thing about regaining control over men, so in order to seem as if they aren’t weak they hide under the umbrella of “.” LMAO!Stop fronting, every woman has a want to be loved and treated with respect, you don’t get respect from a man by sitting on the edge of his bed and watching Netflix.

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A love starved woman doesn’t check a top 5 prospect, she walks on egg shells, and thinks shit like “” threats will make him act right… These men are out here running the triangle offense on women and there are so many ladies that don’t know the first thing about defense. Not by rappers, ball players, CEO’s, or any other dude that gets in pussy with texts and promises.

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