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He shared a selfie of Lovato giving him a kiss on his cheek. "I think she's gonna redefine pop culture in a level that people can't even expect next year, for sure." In other recent news, ET caught up with Selena Gomez at New York Fashion Week to talk about her rekindled friendship with Demi. ortacui: İZMİRDEN SEVİYELİ DÜRÜST EVLİ ÇİFTLERE ÜÇÜNCÜ AKTİF PASİF OLURUM EŞİNİZ GİBİ GİYDİRİP SİKERSİNİZ İSTERSENİZ BEN SİKERİM SİZ SEYREDERSİNİZ CİDİLER MSJ ATSIN SADECE MSJ ATIN ANLASALIM TEL 5 YS 30 canan-cross: Merhabalar çıtır sevenler 05 Fotoğraflarımı incele, hangi kıyafetimi kostümümü istiyorsan öyle karşılayayım :) 22 yaşında 169 boy 60 kiloda bakımlı bir cd & travestiyim. Please supply a real email address as you will need it to get an activation code to activate your profile before you can interact with other members.Speaking exclusively to Mail Online, documentary maker Nick Broomfield credits Robyn for keeping Whitney 'on the rails' but believes her fans are too obsessed with the intimate details of their relationship.The filmmaker, whose movie about the legend airs on the BBC this weekend, finds it bizarre that Whitney's fans are so interested in her sexuality and the nature of her relationship with Robyn.

Her friends and family - and even Bobby Brown - believe that she might still be alive if she was allowed to be with Robyn.

The film reveals that it was actually Whitney's brothers who introduced her to drugs when they grew up in the tough streets of Newark, New Jersey.

Nick says it was record label boss Clive Davis who who was able to spin Whitney's background and transform her into an artist beloved by white America.'I'd always been fed the line that Bobby Brown had introduced her to drugs so it was a kind of a revelation that it was more the brothers from Newark,' Nick said.

'The fact that she grew up in Newark wasn't something that was ever made anything of anyway, in a way I think everybody was surprised that she grew up in the hood, although it makes complete sense.

'I think Clive Davis did such a brilliant job so it kind of made sense that Bobby Brown wasn't the villain that he was portrayed.

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  1. He amuses viewers with clever sketches and animations, brilliant impressions and general humour. PJ also makes music and has released and album called "Stories From Somewhere" which you can listen to here , along with other music he has created.

  2. This is officially pre-order kick-off week for "Can't Help Myself," the Love Letters book, which comes out April 3. But during the second month, I started having some serious anxiety/doubts. It broke his heart, but he was ready to let me do what I needed to be happy.