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In the following days, gay leaders refused to apologize for the events of that night.This led to increased political power in the gay community, which culminated in the election of Mayor Dianne Feinstein to a full term the following November.Later, several officers demanded that they be allowed inside.Three lawyers explained to them that under California law, the event was a private party and they could not enter unless they bought tickets. Several ministers who were in attendance held a press conference the next morning, likening the SFPD to the Gestapo.The events caused hundreds of thousands of dollars' worth of property damage to City Hall and the surrounding area, as well as injuries to police officers and rioters.Several hours after the riot had been broken up, police made a retaliatory raid on a gay bar in San Francisco's Castro District. Two dozen arrests were made during the course of the raid, and several people later sued the SFPD.Charges were usually dismissed but those arrested often lost their anonymity when newspapers printed their names, addresses and places of employment.Officers also notified the employer and family of the accused, causing serious damage to their reputations.

Police continued to arrest homosexuals in large numbers, routinely bringing paddy wagons to gay bars and arresting their patrons.Even the Catholic archbishop strongly condemned the actions of the police.In an attempt to reduce such harassment two officers were tasked with improving the police department's relationship with the gay community.The most notable of these were the Black Cat where female impersonation shows became the main draw, and a lesbian bar known as Mona's. military, which was concerned about male homosexuality, had a policy of dismissing servicemen caught in known gay establishments with blue discharges.During World War II, San Francisco became a major debarkation point for servicemen stationed in the Pacific Theater. As many of these men faced ostracism from their communities and families, they chose to remain in the city.

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The number of men that remained was a significant factor in the creation of a homosexual community in San Francisco.

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